The Meaning of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2011

This afternoon I was going through some old emails and ran across this message from my brother, sent last year on Thanksgiving day. It’s the last email I received from him. I never replied. He died three months later.

The meaning of Thanksgiving……as I see it these days. I’ve found more feeling about this celebration day. Trying to dig a little deeper into how I see my life lately has made me realize how lucky I am. I have friends that I mostly ignore, family that I’ve lied to for years, and I find that these people still like me or love me, sometimes both! I’ve spent so many years trying to distance myself from the people I most fear losing that I made myself believe I had to lose these precious people in order to keep them safe. How arrogant is that? I cannot claim that kind of power to myself, and I know that I have, but I’ll have trouble leaving it behind. If you can still be patient with me for a while, I’ll work hard to deal with my “issues”, and earn the love and friendship, and generosity, I’ve received in my life. From all of you.

All my best…….Thank You All.
Love, Kirby

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  • Pat says:

    Hi Kip,

    Just found your site. Loved the “Towing” series. You were a wonderful brother to Kirby. You and your Queen were excellent in-laws, as well.

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