Happy Valentines

February 14, 2012

happy valentines

How do I love thee? Well…let me think:

I love your smile, your walk and your shape

My affection for you, cannot be escaped

Tho’ never was born a fairer lass

The truth be told, I love your…um, sass

My thirst for you I cannot slake

Despite when you snore, and keep me awake

You cheer me up when I’m feeling blue

So I try to ignore the odors you spew

I love thee truly, forever and more

Even your hot flashes, though tough to ignore

And the way you laugh, your face, your hands

Make bearable your wifely demands

So think kindly of me, please forgive my wit

Just a few more decades, and perhaps you’ll forget

Happy Valentines Day, Nordic Warrior Queen

I love you.


P.S. Special thanks to Elizabeth Barrett Browning, for posthumously allowing me to plagiarize her work

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