Dia de Los Muertos

February 9, 2010

9,900 dead in just three years.

No, this isn’t Iraq, or Afghanistan, or some forgotten country in Africa. It’s sunny, fun-filled Mexico, home of the Drug Wars, and just a short drive from my home in Tucson (where Jo-Jo used to live, before he left to buy some California grass).

And it’s also where I spend much of my time these days, seeing as my employer has two factories down here. Thanks for that.

A few days ago, there was a running shootout at the mall next door to where I sleep, one which left 8 people dead. And my Spanish isn’t so hot, but every day while driving to the plant, there’s a guy on the street corner holding up a newspaper telling of those who lost their heads on the road to Torreon. Literally.

So wish me luck (I’ll stop short of asking for prayers). And don’t tell my Mom. She would worry.

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