Well, there goes the atmosphere.

Some yahoo spilled 1000 gallons of liquid chlorine on the road last night. I had to detour in order to get home to my family. And when I came to work this morning, the cops were still there, watching over the poor saps who were assigned to clean up the mess.

Nasty stuff. Some enterprising German first came up with the idea of using it to gas enemy troops during World War I, thus inventing chemical weapons. It probably would have been better had they invented gas masks first. And when released into the atmosphere, molecules containing chlorine (you know – those pesky chlorofluorocarbons) are supposedly responsible for the hole in the atmosphere, the one right over the antarctic, although how they can see it is beyond me. One would think that a big hole would let out all the hot air caused by cow farts and politicians in Washington, and thus help to offset global warming, but apparently it doesn’t work that way.

Don’t ask me, I’m no scientist. I just use it in my pool. But I wish people would be more careful.

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