Wedding Vows

March 14, 2010

They said it wouldn’t last.

Our first date was on a Tuesday in High School, when we skipped Driver’s Ed to go sit in the park and smoke pot. She moved away the next day, half an hour’s drive and endless long phone calls away, seemingly on the other side of the planet. Our first kiss was that weekend, and still it makes my heart ache to think of it – the blue and white striped shirt that she knew I liked so much, her green green eyes, the halting goodbyes as she went home that night. It seems just a few days ago.

Later that night I told my brother she was the girl I would marry. He laughed. 

But two years later, we were wed. Everyone said she must be pregnant, or that we were too young, what could we possibly be thinking? Her father told me not to do it, her mother cried, my family thought I was crazy. And yet, here we are, while so much has passed, and so many others have fallen away.

We’ve had two beautiful children, a grandson to make your heart pause with his grace, his possibilities, and another on the way. We’ve built homes, watched loved ones leave us, have lived through hardship, pain, and mistakes, but through it all have held together, husband and wife, best friends.

It’s been twenty-nine years. Happy Anniversary, Darling. You haven’t changed a bit, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  • Jamie Burris says:

    Ohhhhhh!!! I’m too emotional to read shit like this, dad!!!! 🙁
    Very nice, a little different style for you, but I approve 🙂

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