Pop, Pop, Pop

January 25, 2010

pop, pop, popNobody I know died today. This could be because I don’t know that many people. But every day, over six-thousand people in the US join the invisible choir. That’s almost five people every hour.

Around half of the deaths are due to heart disease or cancer, followed by stroke, respiratory disease, accidents, diabetes, flu, Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, and septicemia (blood poisoning). Yes, blood poisoning. Better get that tetanus shot up to date.

Most of those who died were probably thinking “damnit, why didn’t I eat more broccoli” or “I should have quit smoking” or “why did I sell that exercise bike?” The Alzheimer victims were likely thinking nothing at all.

I hate broccoli, unless it’s covered in cheese sauce.

If you look at world statistics, over 150,000 kack every day. That’s two a second. You can almost hear them going, like little bubbles, pop, pop, pop.

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