Jesters and Fools

June 1, 2010

When I was a boy, I saw the movie Rollerball, starring James Caan playing a bloodthirsty but morally troubled athlete. It was a great movie, and Caan almost made up for his sappy rendition of a dying football player from his previous movie, Brian’s Song. Rollerball portrayed a futuristic spectator sport in which the crowd cheered while the losers had their heads smashed in with a spiky steel ball. To a teenage boy, this was real entertainment. But even going back to medieval times, people have enjoyed watching violence – gladiators hacking one another to pieces, jousting tournaments during which knights were skewered on long wooden staves, lions eating court jesters who didn’t make the cut. Those were the days. Today we’re soft. Today we have American Gladiator, Wipeout, and The Biggest Loser. BORING! Wouldn’t it be far more challenging if they put the fat guys in a ring filled with a pissed-off rhinoceros, armed only with clubs? Or maybe the runner-up of American Idol doesn’t win a million dollar recording contract, but is instead made to sing her way out of a booing crowd of Muslim extremists in the middle of Iran? Wouldn’t that bring up the Nielsen’s in a big way? But I have to admit, I was intrigued tonight watching America’s got Talent, when the goth chick stuck the needle through her cheek. I’m looking forward to her next act of violence.

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  • lois says:

    I enjoy reading everything you write. Sometimes wonder
    what brings these stories to mind. You must have a much
    more interesting childhood that I didn’t know about. It
    must be nice to have such a vivid imagination. Love It.

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