Cardboard Lady

May 31, 2010

That homeless woman was back again last night. At least she didn’t bring her shopping cart with her this time. Feeling sorry for her sad rummaging, we invited her in for dinner. All of us were having a good time, and then she just had to start calling me names and talking smack about Lima beans and hamburger and the proper way to make Baked Beans. I needed to put her in her place. So after soundly whooping her at Scrabble, I waited until her next dumpster run. When her back was turned, I swung the door shut behind her, locking her in the trash enclosure. That’ll teach her!

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  • Jamie says:

    You’d better be careful, dad… That “cardboard lady” is going to start blogging about you pretty soon!!

  • Claudia Burris says:

    TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (probably NO one):
    Those are NOT the REAL Cardboard Lady’s hands! There is an imposter locked in the trash enclosure!

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