Boot Scootin'

May 24, 2010

You ever get that song stuck in your head and by mid-morning you’re ready to put a screwdriver in your ear to make it stop? It happened to me last night. The little woman punished me with a two-hour Brooks and Dunn farewell special on TV last night, and since then my tortured mind has alternated between The Boot-Scoot Boogie and Achy-Breaky Heart. Where do they come up with these lyrics? There was a brief reprieve around lunchtime during which the “Welcome to Duloc” song from Shrek took over, but Brooks and Dunn again reasserted their hicktown hold on my stupid brain at 3:17 PM and they haven’t eased up since. I’m hoping some sleep will help, or if there really is a god he’ll either take me into his loving arms tonight or wipe my brain to that of a short bus dropout by morning. Either way is fine, but I can’t take another day.

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