Last weekend I made big progress on the honeydo list.  From the side yard, my son and I tossed over the wall several tons of now rotten mesquite branches, two white doors, a chair, a broken bookshelf, some clay pots, a pallet, half a mile of 2″ PVC tubing, and two plastic chaise lounges. All was ignominiously piled into the back of the Danger Ranger and, since loads must be covered while driving through Marana, we wrapped the whole mess in a green plastic tarp large enough to serve as a roof for the Metrodome. The rest of it – the dismembered remains of the 4′ x 8′ x 4′ two-room dog house which Max has refused to enter since his sister died, my son’s rusted mountain bike from high school, and enough cardboard for a homeless community – went into my yellow truck (as mine is far stronger and more manly than my son’s truck). And since we had no tarp left which were large enough to do the job, we covered this load with the living room rug. My wife wanted a new one anyway.

Where did it all go? I’ll tell you tomorrow. If I have time. Maybe.

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  • Jacob says:

    Be sure to mention the scavenger at the dump, as well as the odor that clung to our clothes for hours. Good times.

    Oh, and it was 1-1/2″ PVC tubing, I was cheap that day.

  • lois says:

    Sounds like an awful lot of stuff. Too bad I was not
    there. We could have had a garage sale.
    I enjoy your work.

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