March 16, 2010

This is retarded.

Sorry to be an ass, but Daylight Savings Time? Stupid!

Big chunks of Africa and much of Southeast Asia seem to be the some of the few places on our planet that don’t participate (mostly) in this lunacy.

Arizona and Hawaii are the only US states that don’t practice DST (can you believe they created an acronym for this too? Don’t even get me started on acronyms) and in Arizona they made an exception for the Navajo Nation. So let’s understand this – when you’re on the rez, you’re somehow one hour different than the white guys across the street?

I guess the bright side is that when the bars close, you can just walk across the street for one more hour of drinking.

And even though, while living in Minnesota, we enjoyed the extra hour of daylight in summer, and now in Arizona we don’t miss the scorching daylight and instead appreciate the dark much more (no mosquitoes at night), it still seems a cheat, and is just another semi-annual muisance, adjusting to when it’s safe to call Mom, or what time it is when you land in Texas. Isn’t life complicated enough already?

Daylight Savings has been around for…what, one hundred years or so? But what’s the point, really? Is this just another of mankind’s futile attempts to control the world, the universe, his destiny? That maybe by controlling time, we can control our ultimate fates? I don’t think so. In the end, we’re all just worm food, no matter what time we think it is.

So my vote is this: get rid of DST.

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