The Couric Effect

March 10, 2010

Mr. Ass takes on a new meaning today. This morning I woke up in Mexico (sigh), turned on the TV, surfed past the Spanish-only channels to catch the last five minutes of Judge Judy scolding two bad boys in a dispute over a broken X-Box. I think she’s a terrific hottie. I made coffee, took a shower, shaved, etc. And when I was done, I came back out to see Harry Smith’s ass.

Yessir. Today, the CBS Morning News broadcast Harry Smith’s colonoscopy, live on not-quite prime-time. They put a camera up his butt and made us see things I don’t want to talk about, certainly not before breakfast. But come to find out, this is not something new. Ten years ago, the cameras were rolling as Katie Couric had a camera put up her butt. Sadly, I missed it. I would much rather have looked up Katie Couric’s ass than Harry Smith’s.

But here’s the thing: colon cancer kills over 600,000 each year. Including Katie’s husband. So I have to admit she’s a brave woman for showing her ass to millions, and despite the endless opportunities for jokes, this is a serious subject. So take her advice, and get someone to put a camera up your butt. It might save your life.

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