Staying Dry

February 13, 2010

The laundry room in a Mexico hotel is usually in the damp, smelly parking garage deep underneath the building. This means your bathtowels will come in one of two scents – Oily Exhaust Fragrance, or Eau-de-Mildew. I prefer the mildew-scented ones, but will usually just air dry naked in front of the air-conditioner, otherwise I find myself sniffing at my arms all day as I check whether the bathtowel smell has evaporated yet

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  • Jamie Burris says:

    I think it’s official… you’re having your mid-life crisis!!!! I thought the motorcycle was it, but apparently it’s your blogging. I’m glad you’re able to express yourself now, though… since no one listens to you at home. 🙂

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