The Best Blueberry Donuts in Craigshead County

I explained what had happened, how I’d stood in line waiting for the best blueberry donuts in Craigshead county, how the old woman and then Henrietta had ridiculed me, and how I’d failed at last to bring my customer something to show my appreciation.

“Well, that’s okay, Mr. Kip. I gotta tell you, your boss was on the call, though. She was madder’n a mule with a mouth full of bumblebees, but we got her calmed down some. All’s well as ends well.”

“What did she say?”

“Well, seein’s as you done such a good job here, even though you messed up our inventory worse than all get out, she’s assigned you to us permanent-like. You’re gonna be here with us in Arkansas until Gabriel blows his horn and calls us all home to heaven.”

How could she do this to me? “Oh. That’s…great news, Bobby-Jo.”

“And Mr. Kip? Next time you just come on in direct to this here office. We got us a standin’ order with Shipley’s, every Friday morn. Three dozen blueberry donuts.” He grinned. “Let me tell you something son. They are de-licious.”

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  1. Tryngvald:

    Always had a thang fer donuts.

    (you’re churning out some stellar stuff, young’un!)

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